SAAL DIGITAL Alu-Dibond Erfahrungsbericht

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Hallo zusammen,

Saal-Digital war wieder so freundlich mich ihre Wandbilder testen zu lassen und ich habe mich dieses Mal für ein Alu-Dibond entschieden.


Ich wollte schon längere Zeit mal Alu ausprobieren, da ich besonders die satten Farben und vor allem die glatte Oberfläche in Augenschein nehmen wollte… und ich muss sagen: Einmal Alu, immer Alu! Die Qualität ist, wie von Saal Digital gewohnt, echt großartig! Mein Bild ist gestochen scharf und farbecht! Ich bin rundum zufrieden und freue mich sehr nun so ein schönes Bild in meinem Wohnzimmer hängen zu haben ❤IMG_6894 Kopie

Ich hoffe man erkennt auf den Bildern wie scharf doch ein Alu-Dibond sein kann! Ganz, ganz große Liebe von mir ❤

Vielen Dank Saal-Digital, dass ich euer Produkt wieder testen durfte 😀

Mehr Infos zum Alu-Dibond findet ihr hier:

My Costume Plans for 2017

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Hi everyone,

Last year I made a “Costume Wish List” for the entire year and I think it would be nice to see what I accomplish also this time 🙂

I will try to buy not so much fabric this year and use some of my stored fabric up, since I have way to much of it… XD

So what are my plans for 2017? These are not chronological… but I will try to point out for which event the costume is eventually planned.

–> 1860 purple ballgown (this costume is ready to wear by now). I started with it between Christmas and new year and had already one shooting with it.) I will work on the train a bit more and add more ruffles in the future.


Picture by A to Z Photography

I chose this costume to reduce my piles of fabric a bit. And I also tried out a new sewing pattern which I will also use for my wedding dress. The pattern is really nice! I just need to lengthen it a bit for the next project because my torso it quite long.

–> Poison Ivy (organic version)

I have already the fabric here. A really beautiful silk that changes colors between red and olive green. Planned for the Comic Con in Hanover

–> Jessica Rabbit… in my more modest version.

I have also all fabrics here and started already with the corset. (I will actually start with this costume right after my purple ballgown) This one is planned for the Bookfair in Leipzig

–> “Star Seeker” this is a very special project for me since I got the idea when I was on vacation at Madeira.

I found a really nice (but also very expensive) silk that matches these colors perfectly. I cannot wait to start with this project!!! This costume will be made for shootings and indoor events (where it’s dry and not dirty, since silk is such an expensive and sensitive material.

–> A military inspired dress in black and gold to match my tricorne.

I will try to make this dress probably for the WGT 2017. I would like to try a new corset pattern that I have lying around but I guess I need to adjust it very much…

–> Another Asian princess dress but this time in gold, brown and red (probably for autumn 2017 or even the Elf Fantasy Fair in Arcen).

–>A frilly shepherd girl dress with a matching staff. Just like in some old fashioned movies. I am not sure which pattern I will use. Maybe a mix out of different periods. I will try to use just fabrics out of my stock. Would be nice for spring when the lambs are born.

–> A golden elaborate dress for the WGT 2017. I want to make it big, sparkly and very detailed.

–> A lilac colored Elven dress, very airy and with mostly chiffon and silver appliques. This one is planned for a trip into the lavender fields in the Provence of France.

–> “Arielle” from the little Mermaid. Her rose colored ballgown dress (maybe also for the EFF in Arcen). Just as usual in my own style with more pearls and details.

–> “Queen Merida” with some alterations 😉 Its just difficult to find the right fabric color or fabric kind… I am not sure if I would like to use velvet (because it’s so heavy and the color range is so limited) or something else like brocade or cotton fabric. I need to search the web a bit more for the perfect fabric.^^

–> A light blue Tudor Gown. Maybe also for the WGT?

–> Some smaller and quick projects like simple dresses or medieval dresses.

Soooo this makes +/-11 planned costumes (and some smaller projects) and one already finished costume. This is quite ambitious but I guess I can and will manage that 😀

So stay tuned for the finished costumes. 😀

10 facts about me

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  1. I started with sewing when I was 16. I was totally obsessed with Anime and Manga and started to Cosplay. Right now I like to make more my own designs, but sometimes I also like to interpret some existing characters in my own way (like my Disney Princesses for example).
  2. I love my pets! I have a cute dog (her Name is Bijou, best dog ever!!!), some birds and also a fish tank.
  3. My favorite color is red (if you look at my costumes, many of them are in shades of red^^)
  4. My hobbies besides of sewing are playing video games (right now I must admit that I am more into watching my fiancée playing games than playing by myself…) and Make-up in general… I love to watch Makeup-Tutorials on Youtube.
  5. I am engaged 😀 After 10 years he finally proposed to me. The wedding will be in 2018.
  6. I will make my wedding dress by myself
  7. In my heart I am and always be a princess. I guess that won’t change since I love fantasy stories and all fairy tale related.
  8. I don’t have a specific dish that I like the most… But I really like a good Steak or Chinese Food
  9. I am a really chaotic person.
  10. I am obsessed with glittery things! 😉