Flower Power

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I just browsed through some of my shootings with my dearest Hanny Honeymoon Photography and I realized we had so many nice flower shootings! So I would like to show you my favorites right now 🙂






I am so lucky to have such an amazing and talented best friend! Thank you Hanny for everythig! ❤

Photoshooting at the Schlosshotel Münchhausen

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Two weeks before I had an amazing photoshooting in the Schlosshotel Münchhausen with my dearest photographer and friend Hanny Honeymoon Photography. I will link her website here if you don’t know her already 😉 *click here*

I made also a little video at the shooting. So if you are curious, feel free to watch me also in motion 😉

The photoshoot was really awesome! Even with the short time that we had there, many nice pictures were made and I’m happy to show you the first one made by Hanny Honeymoon of course!


This costume is my version of the russian fairytale princess Anastasia Romanov and is based on russian court gowns. I love the rich and dark color of velvet (actually the velvet is midnight blue but it was really dark in the castle so it appears more black). Such a luxurious material! But also very heavy! The whole costume weights around 8 Kilo or 16 pounds…. Hope you like it as much as I do 🙂

Shooting with Hanny Honeymoon Photography

Finished Costumes

Hanny is not only my best friend, we live also very close to each other and share the same passion for fantasy photoshootings and conventions. She is also my preferred photographer for my photoshootings since she knows perfectly what I like. We understand each other without words. I’m so greatful for having her by my site. 🙂

Here are some of my favorite pictures that we made together…

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