Disney Princess Project… so far ;-)

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Good evening everyone 🙂

I should post here more frequently… well.. I will try my best to be a bit more active!

So. Here are my Disney Pricesses so far in its full glory

Lets start with my newest costume:



This costume was made out of dupioni silk and beautiful butterfly lace. I am not such a huge fan of Cinderella and wasn’t very excited to make this costume… BUT after I finished it right now I really like the outcome 🙂

Picture was made by LauraHelena Photography ❤



IMG_3024 webohnelicht

Well, Belle on the other hand was one costume that I deperately wanted to realize! I love the whole Disney Movie and also the original story of the Beauty and the Beast and I wanted to capture not just the disney costume bur also get a more romantic and realistic touch to it.

Picture by Hanny Honeymoon Photography


Picture by Lillian Liu Photography




The next princess is Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. At first I was a bit unsure if I should make the costume blue or pink but since I had the pink fabric laying around the choice was really easy 😉

Picture by Sabine Schönberger Photography


Snow White


And last but not least my Snow White version. This costume got sooo many complimentsand everybody seems to freak out when they see it…. I never imagined to get such an awesome feedback for one costume… but I guess this color combination and the white collar are so well known, that everybody knows immediately whicht charakter it should represent 🙂

Picture by my beloved friend Hanny Honeymoon Photography

The next princess on my list will be Rapunzel. And this costume will be more than epic! I am really excited to start this project very soon^^

Little Red Riding Hood Costume & Shooting

Cosplay, Finished Costumes, photoshooting

Hi Everyone^^

today I want to show you some nice pictures I made with EosAndy of my Red Riding Hood Costume. I am really in love with this cape. ❤ I always dreamed of a cape like this and finally I had the time to make it.

Hope you like the pictures^^






Photoshooting with Photolegend

Cosplay, Finished Costumes, photoshooting

Hello everyone!

Sorry for neglecting my blog here so much…. I have been very busy with preparing my costumes for the WGT (Wave Gotik Treffen) last weekend. I will make a full post with costumes and festivalpictures this weekend.

But now I want to share with you some pictures that I made with Carina from Photolegend

Last week I traveled many miles by train to visit Carina in Passau. But it was totally worth it! She and her boyfriend are such nice persons and the pictures turned out awesome!

Here are the first two pictures that are already finished 🙂



I am so in love with her vintage style. I haven’t had such pictures so I’m very happy to add them now to my portfolio ❤


More will come for sure! We made so many beautiful pictures! I’m excited what will come next. 🙂

Gala Nocturna Gown

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Somehow I always reach to the colors red, blue, white and black. In this case I used red and white as my colors for this gown.

What was my inspiration? What did I use?

It first started with this headdress that I made for a little photoshooting with my dearest Hanny Honeymoon. I felt so in love with the colors that I wanted to make a whole costume based on this headdress.


Since I wanted to use this gown for my second Gala Nocturna in Belgium I made it really extravagant. I used very expensive lace for the corset (it was the first time that I spend so much money on one yard of fabric…) and only dupioni silk and heavy brocade for the rest of the costume. My brocade has a nice woven rectangular pattern so I thought I need to put between every second cross a red glass bead (such a wrong decision… XD it took me AGES to finish the skirt, since every bead needed to be tied individually in the back…)


How many hours did I spend on it?

I guess over 100 hours… I spend too many evenings sewing the beads on… it was terrible. 😉 But I love the result!


What is my favorite part of it?

That’s hard to tell… I really love everything on this costume. But especially the jacket turned out very nice!


For which occasion did I make this costume?

For the Gala Nocturna 2015 in Belgium (Antwerp).

(picture 1-3 by Hanny Honeymoon Photography, picture 4 by Lyonel Stief Photography)

Red Queen Costume

Cosplay, Finished Costumes

I always wanted a huge costume with a huge train… and since red is my favorite color I thought: why not make a whole costume in red? 😉


What was my inspiration? What did I use?

I guess I was a bit inspired by the queen of hearts from Alice in Wonderland.

I don’t know exactly how many yards of red taffeta I used… but I guess it were about 20 yards. The train by itself used probably half of the fabric up. All the ruffles were so extremely timeconsuming…. But in the end I love every bit of the costume.


How many hours did I spend on it?

To long…. Probably 60 hours? Or more? I don’t know exactly… but for my taste much to long XD


What is my most favorite part of it?

The train obviously 😉

For which occasion did I make this costume?

The costume was made originally for the Gala Nocturna (a nice masquerade ball in Belgium) in 2014. The train was made after the event and was used the first time at the Elf Fantasy Fair in Haarzuilens also in 2014.