Disney Princess Project… so far ;-)

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Good evening everyone 🙂

I should post here more frequently… well.. I will try my best to be a bit more active!

So. Here are my Disney Pricesses so far in its full glory

Lets start with my newest costume:



This costume was made out of dupioni silk and beautiful butterfly lace. I am not such a huge fan of Cinderella and wasn’t very excited to make this costume… BUT after I finished it right now I really like the outcome 🙂

Picture was made by LauraHelena Photography ❤



IMG_3024 webohnelicht

Well, Belle on the other hand was one costume that I deperately wanted to realize! I love the whole Disney Movie and also the original story of the Beauty and the Beast and I wanted to capture not just the disney costume bur also get a more romantic and realistic touch to it.

Picture by Hanny Honeymoon Photography


Picture by Lillian Liu Photography




The next princess is Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. At first I was a bit unsure if I should make the costume blue or pink but since I had the pink fabric laying around the choice was really easy 😉

Picture by Sabine Schönberger Photography


Snow White


And last but not least my Snow White version. This costume got sooo many complimentsand everybody seems to freak out when they see it…. I never imagined to get such an awesome feedback for one costume… but I guess this color combination and the white collar are so well known, that everybody knows immediately whicht charakter it should represent 🙂

Picture by my beloved friend Hanny Honeymoon Photography

The next princess on my list will be Rapunzel. And this costume will be more than epic! I am really excited to start this project very soon^^

Snow White Costume

Cosplay, Finished Costumes

So I will start a new column here with my favorite costumes that I made. Most of them are original designs but every now and than I also try myself in Cosplay.

The beginning makes my Snow White costume. As you may know, I’m in the middle of a Disney Series in which I design the princesses in my own style.

I will make this costume introduction a bit like an interview so it’s hopefully easier to follow.


What was my inspiration? What did I use?

I need to admit, I’m not a huge fan of the Snow White movie but I do love the color combination of Snows costume. After browsing a bit through deviantart I found many different designs of her dress, so I thought I could also try it for myself.

I am a huge fan of elaborate embellished sleeves so I incorporated this style in my version of Snow White (btw. all my Disney costumes will have some sort of heavy decored sleeves^^)

The color of her skirt is normally yellow, but since I wanted the costume to be a little bit more glamourous I used golden silk for it which has also a little hint of orange in it. The bodice is made out of dark blue velvet.


How many hours did I spend on it?

I would say probably 40 hours… maybe a bit more. The most time consuming part was the bodice.


What is my most favorite part of it?

I am in love with the collar! I love the lace and also the golden embellishments on it (even after burning myself really badly on the gluegun XD)


For which occasion did I make this costume?

I made this costume for the Elf Fantasy Fair in Haarzuilens in 2015 (so almost a year has passed since then.)


Picture 1-3 are made by Hanny Honeymoon Photography, Picture 4-5 are made by Sabine Schönberger Photography

Disney Project

Finished Costumes

Well… I need to admit it…. I’m a huge dreamer! I really would like to live as a princess in a nice castle with my animalfriends, who sing and clean for me obviously XD

So it’s totally clear that I love Disney movies! My favorite ones are Beauty and the Beast and Mulan. But also Hercules and the Lion King are really high on my list. Long story short… I love Disney.

And because of that I started a Disney series, based on the classic Disney princesses, but with my own Jumeria Creations style. 😉

My list concludes:

  • Snow White
  • Aurora from Sleeping Beauty
  • Cinderella
  • Arielle (her rose colored gown that she gets at Prince Erics castle)
  • Belle from Beauty and the Beast (her golden ball gown)
  • Rapunzel from Tangled
  • and Merida (well… she isn’t a classic Disney Princess but I really love her character and her hair is AMAZING!)


I’ve already finished Snow White and Aurora so I will show you here some pictures of both costumes. (picture 1-5 by Sabine Schönberger Photography and picture 6 by Hanny Honeymoon Photography)







The next one on my to-sew list is Cinderella! I won’t make her dress light blue but more silvery blue, since her original dress before the remastered version came out was silver. But anyway… since it’s my version of her, I am free to color choices in my opinion… as long as you recognize the dress my mission is accomplished 😉