Where have I been?

Conventions, random things

Hello everyone!

Wow… A whole year past by since my last post… shame on me… I will try to be more active. I should at least, since Facebook and the other social media platforms are so complictaed with their reach and algorithms right now.

So what have I done and where have I been? 😀

To be honest, so much happend within the last year.. that would be just to much to write everything done here. But let me pinpoint some highlights.

I hosted a workshop with my dear Laura Helena Photography on Madeira (that was really amazing), visited the WGT 2017 in Leipzig (unfortunatly not this year… but 2019 is already planned!) and visited Elfia in Arcen again with my girls.

2018 is in full swing right now and I am full with my own wedding preparations and my trip with CU-Photography to Ireland next month. There is still so much to do! For both events. But I will try to manage everything. 🙂

I will update my costume galery shortly. So keep an eye open for new updates^^ and maybe I will find the time to go a bit more into details with my costume making.


*hugs and kisses to all of you*


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