10 facts about me

random things
  1. I started with sewing when I was 16. I was totally obsessed with Anime and Manga and started to Cosplay. Right now I like to make more my own designs, but sometimes I also like to interpret some existing characters in my own way (like my Disney Princesses for example).
  2. I love my pets! I have a cute dog (her Name is Bijou, best dog ever!!!), some birds and also a fish tank.
  3. My favorite color is red (if you look at my costumes, many of them are in shades of red^^)
  4. My hobbies besides of sewing are playing video games (right now I must admit that I am more into watching my fiancée playing games than playing by myself…) and Make-up in general… I love to watch Makeup-Tutorials on Youtube.
  5. I am engaged 😀 After 10 years he finally proposed to me. The wedding will be in 2018.
  6. I will make my wedding dress by myself
  7. In my heart I am and always be a princess. I guess that won’t change since I love fantasy stories and all fairy tale related.
  8. I don’t have a specific dish that I like the most… But I really like a good Steak or Chinese Food
  9. I am a really chaotic person.
  10. I am obsessed with glittery things! 😉


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