What inspires me?

Inspiration, Tips and Tricks

Many times people ask me what inspires me to make my costumes the way that I do. Mostly I take my inspiration out of fantasy movies (like Lord of the Rings or the Labyrinth) or classic fairytale adaptations from Disney or other companies. My favorite costume movies are: La belle et la bete (the French adaptation), Disneys real life Cinderella (even when the movie was terrible the costumes of the stepmother are to die for!!!), Mirrow Mirrow (it’s a new interpretation of snow white) and many more. Also historical movies and series have so nice costumes like “The Dutchess” with Keira Knightley or Game of Thrones and the Tudors.


Next to movies I like to browse through the art of other artists. Deviantart.com is a good source if you use the search option and also Instagram or pinterest have nice ideas. I don’t like to copy an original costume from another artist (I think that’s somehow rude), I like to mix some ideas of them with my own to create a fully new design. I guess that’s the usual way for many designers.^^

That’s why I wouldn’t make an Anime, Movie or Game Character 100% accurate. I like to change the design a bit by adding some details for example.

But most of the time I am happy to let my creativity flow and create something unique and new.

jumeria-0153 Kopie

Another page which is great, if you search for real historical costumes is  fripperiesandfobs! There are so many beautiful gowns. I could spend hours on this page and would find a million new ideas in a short time.

Famous photographers are also a nice inspiration like von Wong or Amanda Diaz and Kirsty Mitchell.

And of course there are also other designers that inspire me for new costumes like JoEllen from fireflypath or Barbara from Royal Black. I also love the costumes Alexander Mc Queen created or the wedding- and couturedresses from Dior and Chanel.


On the other hand the materials that I use by itself can inspire me very much. Sometimes I see a fabric or a trim or just a specific color and I know instantly what I will make out of it. There are so many beautiful and amazing things in this world that we can take our inspiration out of!

So I guess as a result I can say: keep your eyes open for everything magical and let yourself inspire by the things you love the most! ❤

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