Photoshooting with Photolegend

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Hello everyone!

Sorry for neglecting my blog here so much…. I have been very busy with preparing my costumes for the WGT (Wave Gotik Treffen) last weekend. I will make a full post with costumes and festivalpictures this weekend.

But now I want to share with you some pictures that I made with Carina from Photolegend

Last week I traveled many miles by train to visit Carina in Passau. But it was totally worth it! She and her boyfriend are such nice persons and the pictures turned out awesome!

Here are the first two pictures that are already finished 🙂



I am so in love with her vintage style. I haven’t had such pictures so I’m very happy to add them now to my portfolio ❤


More will come for sure! We made so many beautiful pictures! I’m excited what will come next. 🙂

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