Gala Nocturna Gown

Cosplay, Finished Costumes

Somehow I always reach to the colors red, blue, white and black. In this case I used red and white as my colors for this gown.

What was my inspiration? What did I use?

It first started with this headdress that I made for a little photoshooting with my dearest Hanny Honeymoon. I felt so in love with the colors that I wanted to make a whole costume based on this headdress.


Since I wanted to use this gown for my second Gala Nocturna in Belgium I made it really extravagant. I used very expensive lace for the corset (it was the first time that I spend so much money on one yard of fabric…) and only dupioni silk and heavy brocade for the rest of the costume. My brocade has a nice woven rectangular pattern so I thought I need to put between every second cross a red glass bead (such a wrong decision… XD it took me AGES to finish the skirt, since every bead needed to be tied individually in the back…)


How many hours did I spend on it?

I guess over 100 hours… I spend too many evenings sewing the beads on… it was terrible. 😉 But I love the result!


What is my favorite part of it?

That’s hard to tell… I really love everything on this costume. But especially the jacket turned out very nice!


For which occasion did I make this costume?

For the Gala Nocturna 2015 in Belgium (Antwerp).

(picture 1-3 by Hanny Honeymoon Photography, picture 4 by Lyonel Stief Photography)

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