Snow White Costume

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So I will start a new column here with my favorite costumes that I made. Most of them are original designs but every now and than I also try myself in Cosplay.

The beginning makes my Snow White costume. As you may know, I’m in the middle of a Disney Series in which I design the princesses in my own style.

I will make this costume introduction a bit like an interview so it’s hopefully easier to follow.


What was my inspiration? What did I use?

I need to admit, I’m not a huge fan of the Snow White movie but I do love the color combination of Snows costume. After browsing a bit through deviantart I found many different designs of her dress, so I thought I could also try it for myself.

I am a huge fan of elaborate embellished sleeves so I incorporated this style in my version of Snow White (btw. all my Disney costumes will have some sort of heavy decored sleeves^^)

The color of her skirt is normally yellow, but since I wanted the costume to be a little bit more glamourous I used golden silk for it which has also a little hint of orange in it. The bodice is made out of dark blue velvet.


How many hours did I spend on it?

I would say probably 40 hours… maybe a bit more. The most time consuming part was the bodice.


What is my most favorite part of it?

I am in love with the collar! I love the lace and also the golden embellishments on it (even after burning myself really badly on the gluegun XD)


For which occasion did I make this costume?

I made this costume for the Elf Fantasy Fair in Haarzuilens in 2015 (so almost a year has passed since then.)


Picture 1-3 are made by Hanny Honeymoon Photography, Picture 4-5 are made by Sabine Schönberger Photography

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