Disney Project

Finished Costumes

Well… I need to admit it…. I’m a huge dreamer! I really would like to live as a princess in a nice castle with my animalfriends, who sing and clean for me obviously XD

So it’s totally clear that I love Disney movies! My favorite ones are Beauty and the Beast and Mulan. But also Hercules and the Lion King are really high on my list. Long story short… I love Disney.

And because of that I started a Disney series, based on the classic Disney princesses, but with my own Jumeria Creations style. 😉

My list concludes:

  • Snow White
  • Aurora from Sleeping Beauty
  • Cinderella
  • Arielle (her rose colored gown that she gets at Prince Erics castle)
  • Belle from Beauty and the Beast (her golden ball gown)
  • Rapunzel from Tangled
  • and Merida (well… she isn’t a classic Disney Princess but I really love her character and her hair is AMAZING!)


I’ve already finished Snow White and Aurora so I will show you here some pictures of both costumes. (picture 1-5 by Sabine Schönberger Photography and picture 6 by Hanny Honeymoon Photography)







The next one on my to-sew list is Cinderella! I won’t make her dress light blue but more silvery blue, since her original dress before the remastered version came out was silver. But anyway… since it’s my version of her, I am free to color choices in my opinion… as long as you recognize the dress my mission is accomplished 😉

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