Finished Costumes

I simply LOVE baroque dresses! They are so elegant and they are never overloaded (the more the better for them!) I already made a few of them and I have already plans for some new ones.

Ohh… this black dress… I sold it some time ago… but now I would love to have a new one… and it will be sparkly and very extravagant *__* and black of course 😉 (picture by Atelier Simone Richter)


I really like the sugary feeling of this one (picture by Atelier Simone Richter)


I really, really love this red costume! Since red is also my favorite color it has a special place in my heart. ❤ (picture by Hanny Honeymoon Photography)


This is my latest baroque costume and it reminds me a bit of the costume of Disneys fairy godmother (the reallife Cinderella movie) I really love how it turned out. (picture by Hanny Honeymoon Photography)



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